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Azure SQL Database Database Analysis

How to Do Deep Azure SQL Database Analysis

Cotega provides a "Database Analysis" capability to allow you to do deep analysis on your database quickly and easily. This tool can shorten the data collection process required when troubleshooting your Azure SQL Database issues.

How to Perform Azure SQL Database Analysis

As soon as you create a monitoring agent for your database, you will be able to perform database analysis. To do this click on "Analyze Database", within your Monitoring Agent as highlighted in the below image.

A new page will open with a summary of the current state of your database. As you look through the results of this page you can use this information to find performance issues as well as poor performing queries or users taking up excessive resources.

What Performance Analysis Does Cotega Execute?

The following list outlines the performance analysis summaries that you will see generated by Cotega:

  • Top 10 Queries by CPU Time
  • Top 10 Queries Using the Most Cumulative CPU Time
  • Current Connection Information
  • Top 10 Blocking Queries Having the Longest Total Elapsed Time
  • Row Count Aggregate Information (total rows, minimum rows, maximum rows and last rows) for queries
  • Top Expensive Queries by Logical Reads
  • Top Expensive Queries by Logical Writes
  • Top Expensive Queries by Worker Time