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Cotega Overview

This documentation is designed to help you easily find topics that will get you started with the Cotega service and help solve common issues. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

What is Cotega?

Cotega is a service for monitoring SQL Azure and SQL Server databases. The purpose of Cotega is to let database administrators be notified of database issues, when they happen. Since Cotega is located outside of your data center, it gives you a true picture of the health of your database.

In working with new Azure based services, we have found there were a number of basic things that a DBA will want to know about their database. For example:

  • How does your database performance compare to others in the same data center?
  • Are users having any connection issues?
  • Is the database being throttled?
  • Is my database running out of space?
  • Are there any performance issues?
  • How many users are active?