Azure Data Sync
Azure Data Synchronization
Sync data from SQL Server to Azure SQL and between Azure SQL Databases

What is Cotega Data Sync

Cotega Data Sync is the most efficient way to synchronize data changes from SQL Server to Azure SQL database and from one Azure SQL database to another.

How it Works

Cotega Data Sync uses SQL Server Change tracking, an internal service within SQL Server 2008+ and Azure SQL v12+ databases that efficiently tracks all inserts, updates and deletes made to selected tables. Since SQL Server Change Tracking has virtually no impact on the performance of your database, Cotega Data Sync can be set up to to check for changes continually, giving you near real-time updates to Azure SQL database.

High Performant Data Uploads

Cotega Data Sync uploads your data changes in batches. Although you can alter the batch size to suit your specific needs, we have tested various data sets and have set defaults for the optimum performance. As a result Cotega Data Sync can be over 10 times faster than other data synchronization options. In addition, this also allows Cotega Data Sync to effectively upload extremely large tables into the 100’s of millions of rows.

No Schema Changes Required

Cotega Data Sync makes no changes to your existing SQL database tables and does not require triggers or additional tracking columns to provide data synchronization.

Efficient Monitoring and Alterting

Using the Cotega dashboard, you as an administrator can monitor your Data Sync clients for when they last synchronized and see errors that happened. You can also optionally choose to be notified by email or SMS when issues with data synchronization occur.