Azure SQL Database Data Sync, Monitoring, Alerts & Scheduled Jobs
Azure SQL Database Synchronization,
Performance Monitoring & Task Scheduling
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Cotega Pricing

Free: $0 / month
Standard: $10 / month
Professional: $20 / month
Enterprise: $50 / month
Enterprise Plus: $100 / month
Azure Database Monitoring
Databases monitored 1 3 5 20 50 > 50
Monitor database availability, performance, throttling, size and user count
Monitor total usage time, read/write IOPS, cpu utilization, memory utilization, session & worker count
Chart performance to that of data center averages
Continuous database statistics logging
Receive database performance and issue alerts by email or SMS
Support for read-only guest user account
Database performance analysis
Download historical database statistics
Azure Database Synchronization (beta)
SQL Servers Supported 3 Data Sync Clients 10 Data Sync Clients 30 Data Sync Clients > 30 Data Sync Clients
Notifications of Errors by Email or SMS
Historical Data Sync Logging
Scheduled Sync up to Near Real-Time
Data Sync Filtering
Azure Database Stored Procedure Scheduling
Number of Stored Procedures 3 max 25 max 200 max 500 max > 500
Send Emails from Azure SQL Database
Emails / Month 2000 2000 5000 > 5000